Cloud Card for V380 Pro App

Cloud Card for V380 Pro App

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Cloud Storage for Camera using V380 Pro app only.  1 Cloud card is valid for 1 year from date of activation.

16Gb - can bind 1 camera. Will store 5 to 16 days of storage.

32Gb- can bind 2 cameras. Will store 10 to 32 days of storage.

64GB- can bind 4 cameras. Will store 21 to 64 days of storage.

128 GB- can bind 8 cameras. Will store 42 to 128 days of storage.

Advantages of Cloud card over SD card:

1. 1 SD card can be connected to only 1 camera, but cloud card can be connect to more than 1 cameras ( depending on cloud storage above 16GB)

2. If you buy 32GB SD card then actual storage will be around 29 GB but in cloud card you will get 100% exact storage. 

3. SD card will get corrupted in 2-3 years time but cloud card will not.

4.  Videos stored in cloud card is safe & Secure and can be accessed even if camera is stolen but SD card videos can not.